Muse in Movie Trailers

The past couple years I have paid more attention to movie trailer music. I think it’s amazing how well song choices are picked for certain trailers. Plus, I always enjoy getting introduced to new bands or songs I didn’t know beforehand.

Recently, I’ve been noticing that the band Muse continues to have their songs in movie trailers.

“Uprising” in Knight and Day (oh, and I thought the trailer was BETTER than the movie)

“Map of the Problematique” in The Tourist (another trailer I thought that outdid the actual movie)

“Starlight” in Crazy Stupid Love (this song seems to show up in several movies)

There are so many more that I could include, like “Take a Bow” in the Watchmen trailer or “Knights of Cydonia” also in the Knight and Day trailer as well. Overall, Muse seems to often appear in movie trailers. Thanks to the movie trailers, I’m now a big fan of the band. I’m sure other people would probably say the complete opposite, but that’s OK. If you want to read a rather humorous article about overused songs in movie trailers, check this out: