New Year’s Resolutions: Television List for 2015

Since college, I have been a bigger fan of movies than television. But in recent years, it seems like there have been more and more awesome TV shows featuring some of the most talented actors and actresses. With the inception of Netflix and other Internet-streaming sites, TV shows have never been more accessible to people today than ever before.

Last year marked the first time I decided to review a TV show on the site: The Walking Dead (2010-present). The first half of the season is over, and another eight episodes lie ahead. I’m excited to continue reviewing the show, along with hoping to review more shows as my time frees up.

Below are my television resolutions for the year 2015.

 Watch Less TV

Totally contradictory to a new year’s resolution, right? I want to watch less TV to free up more time for the more important things in my life, such as my relationships with family and friends. I also want to spend my time being more productive on projects, hobbies, and work. Thinking back through last year, I realize that I spent more time than necessary in front of a screen. To remind myself of this goal, I included three benefits specifically for All Eyes On Screen I could take away from watching less TV in 2015:

3. Watch more movies

2. Write more posts

1. Be more interactive on friends’ sites

Check Out “Buzzed About” Shows

“Good” is such a subjective word today. I realize everyone forms different opinions on television shows. Some of these have been regarded as critically-acclaimed hits. I mostly want to check these out because they attracted my interest or were recommended to me over the past year. I have yet to see a show that can top AMC‘s The Killing (2011-2014) for me. And whether these shows do that or not, I’m excited to see what all the buzz is about.

5. Orphan BlackBBC America

4. True DetectiveHBO

3. Marco PoloNetflix

2. The Bletchley CircleUTV

1. The FollowingFOX

Finish (or Catch Up on) TV Series I’ve Started

I like to finish things I start, and that includes television shows. Not all are worth finishing, but there are some shows completely worth my time. Some I have to wait until the next season is available on Netflix, and other shows I haven’t managed to finish yet.

4. Gilmore GirlsCW (Netflix)

3. White CollarUSA

2. Melissa & JoeyABC Family

1. The BlacklistNBC

Check Out the “Oldies, But Goodies”

There was a time in my life when TV was completely inaccessible. Now that I have the ability to watch occasionally, I’ve been itching to check out major shows I missed out on when they aired. These shows might not be current, but some of them are still highly regarded.

5. Friends (1994-2004)

4. The O.C. (2003-2007)

3. Lost (2004-2010)

2. Prison Break (2005-2008)

1. Merlin (2008-2012)

Your Recommendations

This time around, I won’t be asking for a list of shows I will plan to watch this year, considering I’m hoping to limit my TV time rather than watch too much of it. However, I’m still very much interested in what TV shows you’re checking out this year, and which ones you would recommend I keep an eye on for future viewing.

Stay tuned for more New Years Resolutions posts this week and next. Following this series, I’ll be posting about the Best and the Worst for books, TV shows, and movies I’ve read and seen in 2014.

What are your television resolutions for 2015?

My Christmas Movie List

Well, it’s that time of year again . . . you know, the weeks before Thanksgiving where everyone goes directly into Christmas-thinking mode, completely leaving Thanksgiving out of the picture before it even happens? Yep, that’s where I am RIGHT NOW. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to watch replay after replay of the Back to the Future series on TCM and Home Alone 2 on ABC Family, despite the original being a far superior movie.

These are my Must-See Christmas Movies:

Jingle All the Way

If you like cheesy, laugh-out-loud movies with a hint of California governor, then this is the Christmas movie for you. I make it a point to ALWAYS see this movie every year around Christmas time because it makes me laugh unlike any other. My Facebook page, under the Quotations section, included a hilarious quote that Sinbad delivers in this movie:

They sit there and use subliminal messages to suck your children’s’ minds out! And I know what I’m talking about because I went to junior college for a semester and I studied psychology so I’m right in there, I know what’s going on. They make the kids feel like garbage and you, the father, who’s working 24/7 delivering mail so you can make an alimony payment to a woman that slept with everybody at the post office, but me! And then when you get the toy, it breaks and you can’t fix it because it’s little cheap plastic!

And that’s just a taste for this deliciously funny movie. There is no other movie out there that includes a guy breaking into his neighbor’s house to steal a child’s Christmas present to give to his own son, getting a reindeer drunk, or running from the police and getting suited up in a costume with flying capabilities.

Home Alone

The first movie, by far, is the best of them all. The scene with the pizza delivery man is without a doubt one of the best scenes in a Christmas movie. I have replayed this scene over and over again just for laughs. All across the world, children will now be inspired to booby trap their own homes in hopes of catching two thieves breaking in. Watch out for the Wet Bandits (can you spell that for the police?)!

White Christmas

It’s true–I’m a sucker for a Bing Crosby song and seeing Rosemary Clooney dolled up exactly as a 50s movie star should look. It’s a great story based off a musical that makes it it’s own movie, so much so, that you’ll find yourself thinking the musical was based off the movie when you’re done watching it. It’s one of those movies that reminds you that actors had to be all-around talented then: great actor, great singer, great dancer. It wasn’t all about looks and appearances, technology, and the ability to half-act your way through something like many movies (and actors) are (and do) today. It’s the perfect movie to be watching during the first snowfall of the year. Don’t even bother trying to rent this movie–if you have any kind of cable, you’ll have no problem catching it on TV at some point in the next 5 weeks.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

No Christmas season would be complete without a little Charlie Brown, Snoopy, bossy Lucy, Linus and his blanket, and the little Christmas tree that could. It’s a classic that can’t be passed up this time of year. It has the age old story of the “true meaning of Christmas” without boring us inattentive, technology-ensued viewers. Schroeder always nails it on that teeny piano, and don’t say you don’t get a lump in your throat when Charlie confesses that he ruins everything, even though it’s far from the truth.

I’ve killed it. Oh! Everything I touch gets ruined.
-Charlie Brown