AEOS Contributers

Thank you to everyone who has every contributed to All Eyes On Screen, both readers and guest writers. Here’s a shout-out to those writers who have made the site even better!

IMG_3556Matt Phelps

Matt wrote his first post for All Eyes On Screen in September on how movie actors are starting to do more voicework and acting in popular video games. When Matt isn’t busy working as a system administrator or spending time with his awesome wife (me!), he enjoys playing Elder Scrolls Online, reading Marvel comics, playing guitar, riding his motorcycle, and writing about his work at in his free time.

Check out the latest post he wrote for AEOS here.

phelps-reception-1246Jennifer Griffin

Being related to the writer is always a great opportunity to write for a site. Having an opinion and solid writing skills makes it necessary for her to write for AEOS. Jennifer has authored a handful of posts on All Eyes On Screen, her post on re-casting the most recent Les Miserables (2012) gaining the most traffic and feedback. If she isn’t working one of her three jobs, you will most likely find Jennifer reading a murder mystery.

Stay tuned for a new From Page to Screen post by Jennifer.

If you are interested in writing for All Eyes On Screen, please email at


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