New Year’s Resolutions: Blogging in 2015

Here is my last New Year’s Resolution post for 2015. If I haven’t already bored you with my previous New Year’s posts, read on for some resolutions goals for All Eyes On Screen in the upcoming year.

More Consistent Posting

This is the biggie, and it’s where I have the most room for growth. I have all the respect in the world for fellow bloggers who seem to churn out post after post on the most current film news. It’s a constant reminder to me to be more consistent as I strive to make All Eyes On Screen a better and more interesting site for visitors and fellow bloggers.

Add New Series

One of my big goals for movies is to start my first Blindspot Series. I’m still looking for several recommendations, so if you have any classics to suggest, please leave an idea in the comments on that post. Aside from a Blindspot Series, I’d also like to add some other series. I started All Eyes on the SMALL Screen last year, and I’d like to continue it. But I’d also like to try out new ideas as I find the time. I always appreciate new ideas, even if can’t follow through with all of them.

Host/Start a Blogathan

Several of my blogging friends have hosted or started a blogathan in 2014. I’d like 2015 to be the year that I start my first one. I’m considering several ideas, and I’m hoping to unveil the official one I select during a slower time of the year when everyone isn’t talking about the Academy Awards or celebrating the holidays with family.

Interact on More Sites

This is the hardest resolution for me. It’s not that I don’t want to visit, read, or comment on sites, as much as it’s dividing my time between watching movies, writing posts, and interacting on fellow bloggers’s sites. That’s when it gets tricky. So this year, I’m striving to read and comment on more of your sites. I’m constantly learning new things, discovering new ideas, and developing my site, writing style, and opinions as I interact with the growing movie blogging community. You are my teachers, my friends, and my biggest supporters. So I hope to give back more this year than I’ve been able in past years.

Wish me luck as I seek to read more, catch up on TV, watch more movies, and sharpen my blogging skills in 2015! I’m rooting for you guys too!

What are your blogging resolutions for 2015?

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Blogging in 2015

  1. Yep. My blogging resolutions for 2015 are pretty much the same, except maybe for the last one (which I don’t think you should’ve added either. You’re a pretty active commenter, I would say).

    I would love to introduce a new series and start a blogathon as well!

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  2. Sounds like some fair goals to me! honestly, one of my could be learning how to slow down with some of my posts so I don’t frequently overwhelm myself! Hahah. Been going through the wringer lately in terms of coming up with new ideas and stuff. Burn-out is always on the horizon for me. But that’s part of the challenge of consistently posting about something, isn’t it? In a way I’m kind of challenging how passion I am about this industry. Three years of pretty consisting posting has said a certain amount I guess.

    I’d like a job in the writing industry for sure. That’s one of my goals/resolutions. (Should have been one three years ago! Lol)

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    • Hey Tom, I totally get that! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, or even do that to yourself when you’re trying to balance life outside of blogging, and then posting, commenting, and coming up with new ideas! Not to mention keeping up on movies.

      I think that says a lot about you! One of the things you care most about is movies, and I think that’s awesome! I like that idea as a goal. I’d love that too – who knows what can happen in the next year? 🙂


  3. Good luck Kristin. I’m sure we’ll see AEOS grow tonnes this year.

    And don’t worry too much about how much you post. As long as you keep posting great content, people will come back. Whether it’s once every two days or once a month. Don’t burn yourself out trying to post too much! Been there… done that. *phew*

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