Double Trailer Break for 2015: The Last Five Years and The Walk

Hey all! It’s been a while since I got to showcase some trailers that have caught my interest. The first one made a splash on my Facebook page, becoming a trending topic for a few days. Starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, The Last Five Years is a musical about the ins and outs of a relationship between a struggling waitress and novelist.


Based off this trailer, the plot feels a little bit like (500) Days of Summer (2009), except it looks like the story is told from both of the leads’ perspectives. I have never seen a production of The Last Five Years, so I’m unfamiliar with the music. But it looks like Anna Kendrick likes to repeatedly dip her toes in the musical pool, given last year’s Pitch Perfect where she first unveiled her vocal skills in the catchy, trending song “Cups,” and the upcoming movie adaptation Into the Woods, which will be opening in wide release Christmas Day. Given Kendrick’s Broadway background and experience, she seems to be a perfect fit for the role of Cathy.

Anna Kendrick Singing

Jeremy Jordan, who plays the male lead role of Jamie, doesn’t seem to be a newbie to singing on-screen either. I recognized him from the short-lived musical show Smash (2012-2013), and I noticed his acting credits included the musical film Joyful Noise (2012), both a musical production and film I have never seen. His voice sounds incredible in the trailer, however, so I think The Last Five Years might serve as a launching pad for the actor and singer if it performs successfully at the box office.

We also get a movie poster that chronicles the journey Cathy and Jamie’s relationship, which seems to work well in communicating the message of the film:

The Last Five Years has been making the rounds in the festival circuit for both the U.S. and Canada. It opens on February 13, 2015, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Will you be seeing this?

The next movie trailer that caught my eye is for The Walk, a Robert Zemeckis film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


This is the first teaser trailer that’s been released for the film. Not only is it directed by one of my favorite directors of all time, but it also stars one of my favorite actors, which makes The Walk a must-see film for me next year. Aside from my personal interest, The Walk piqued my curiosity because it isn’t the first film to tackle the subject of Philippe Petit, an entertainer who wanted to walk a wire strung between the Twin Towers in 1974. The Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire (2008) first told part of the story that is based off Petit’s book, To Reach the Clouds (2002), the book upon which The Walk is also based.

Entertainment Weekly posted about the the film in this article, where you can read more about it. EW also revealed the first picture released for the film, which features both Gordon-Levitt and Charlotte Le Bon.

The Walk is set to release on October 2, 2015 in the U.S.

Will you be planning to see The Walk or The Last Five Years in theaters next year? What do you think of the trailers? Sound off below!

12 thoughts on “Double Trailer Break for 2015: The Last Five Years and The Walk

  1. I was wondering how they could make a feature length movie based around a guy that walks wires interesting…

    …but since books were written on it, they must have a few exciting stories to tell. Gordon is an excellent actor so I will most certainly being seeing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’m tempted to check out Man on Wire beforehand just to see that. I think it definitely has potential to be very good in Zemeckis’s hands.

      And I agree – I love JGL, and I think he could play just about any character well. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Intrigued by The Walk. Man on Wire is a brilliant documentary, but Philippe Petit isn’t exactly the most likeable of characters, so it’ll be interesting to see how he’s portrayed in the film by JGL. I’m not saying he comes across as horrid – but just an insanely ambitious, one-minded sort of guy.

    Though I groaned and rolled my eyes when I saw the IMAX 3D and 3D logos head towards me towards the end of that trailer. *sigh*.

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    • Hey Jaina! I am too. Looks like I definitely will have to check out Man on Wire sometime then! That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. I’ll be curious to see how they portray Petit in the film.

      Haha, yeah, that didn’t look so hot in the teaser. Although I’d like to see it in IMAX. Not so sure on the 3D!


  3. I can’t wait for The Last 5 Years. Love Kendrick and Jordan and their voices sound beautiful in that trailer!

    As for The Walk, I guess it’s an interesting story but it has an air of cheapness around it, from the visual effects to the very questionable makeup on JGL.

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