All Eyes on the SMALL Screen: The Walking Dead, Ep. 6

Well, I certainly wanted to write recaps for episodes 4 and 5, but alas, my schedule got too hectic and I just missed out. Regardless, I’ll be keeping the same format for this recap, considering information from the previous episodes as common knowledge for regular viewers of season 5. Now, onto the recap!

Plot Breakdown

A Most Necessary Introduction

Undoubtedly, Carol and Daryl have both become fan favorites over the latest seasons of The Walking Dead. Opening the season, Carol when all crazy cool ninja on us, rescuing the entire Rick and company from Gareth and his man-eating friends. Thus, all ties were reunited, even after her decision to take out flu-infested people inside the prison from last season.

After the entire group made it into a church, led there by mysterious Father Gabriel, we all knew it would be too good to be true for the group to stay together for much more than an episode or two. Abraham, Eugene, and their crew, along with Glenn, Maggie, and Tara, took off for the promised land of Washington to find a cure, using the only mode of transportation – a bus – after Abraham helped take out some feisty cannibals. Bob has since passed away, and we’re still left with a big group. However, the format of season five has changed, adding more flashbacks and switchbacks into the season, making viewers keep track of what happens when. And it certainly works to the show’s advantage by keeping us on our toes.

We know that Carol is possibly AWOL. Although we’re not shown what has happened in between Carol and Daryl following after a vehicle and their return to the church, what we do know is that Daryl returns . . . and Carol isn’t with him. It’s someone else, but the person still hasn’t been revealed.

Episode four finally returned us to Beth, whom we hadn’t seen for several episodes, including the final ones from season four. She’s seemingly in a bad situation, stuck with Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods) and her crew in an upper level Atlanta hospital. Lerner has communicated that Beth must “earn her way” before being allowed to leave. What’s pertinent to this long introduction is that we were introduced to a new character in the hospital with Beth: Noah (Tyler James Williams). He, too, has realized that there will be no escaping Grady Memorial Hospital and the police officer from hell, without a plan. While Noah makes it out alive, Beth is recovered by Lerner’s officers and dragged back into the prison hospital.

But the episode ends with yet another cliffhanger: Carol is rolled in on a gurney, seemingly unconscious.

Power Team: Daryl and Carol

Episode 6 picks up with Daryl and Carol having following the mysterious vehicle in the woods to find Beth. After Daryl recognized the same symbol on the back window of the vehicle, the two pursue the vehicle in hopes of finding Beth.

Consumed is a slower-moving episode, and I don’t fault it for that. It doesn’t offer much reprieve for viewers as it still has its share of scary and sudden moments, but it finally opens the door ever so slightly to the inside of Carol’s head, a place that has had to do ALL kinds of things over the last season. Carol and Daryl share a mutual respect for one another, and it shows in how they communicate. They want to understand each other, but there’s no force to know or understand everything suddenly.

After a stop at a temporary home where Carol once had lived before, the duo continues to edge closer to the hospital as they spot vehicles or people. When they discover a vehicle with a matching symbol across the way, they start to exit when Noah suddenly shows up, stealing their weapons and leaving Daryl and Carol to fend for themselves. Unfortunately for Noah, Daryl and Carol are more than capable of retrieving their weapons, and a second meet with Noah that catches him offguard ends with the weapons back in Carol and Daryl’s hands, and a bookshelf on top of Noah. In a moment of mercy, Carol convinces Daryl to help free Noah.

They learn from Noah that Beth is being held “prisoner” at the hospital, and that Lerner has a lot of people and weapons. A new plan is loosely formed between the three for them to return to the church, gather their people, and possibly rescue Beth. But before even the beginning of this plan can take place, Carol is hit by a moving vehicle driven by some of Officer Lerner’s men. The blank is now filled in for why Carol was rolled into the hospital and why Daryl returned to the church without her. Undoubtedly, Noah must be the secret person following Daryl to the church.

Discussion Questions/Thoughts for Episode 506

  • Who’s with Daryl? OK, so I mostly answered this in the last section. I am 95% sure it’s Noah. But that possible 5% has me guessing it’s someone else, just in case the writers are really trying to throw us viewers for a loop!
  • How are Beth and now Carol going to escape? Carol is great when she’s in good health and has weapons. She’s bright, but with some potentially broken bones, and a crew of crazy police officers surrounding them, will Beth and Carol really be able to escape?
  • Will Rick and Co. rescue Beth and Carol? You’d like to think they have enough loyalty to both women that they’d form some kind of rescue plan. But will they do it in time? And with a baby in tow and being three people down (Glenn, Maggie, and Tara), will they have the means to do so?
  • What’s next for Abraham and his gang? Now that Eugene has finally admitted to not knowing anything about how to solve the whole zombie apocalypse problem, what’s next for Abraham? We finally got a glimpse into his past, and it’s not a pretty one. Will he be able to move past this when it seems like the last shred of hope has been pulled out from under him? And will Glenn and Maggie head back to the church to reunite with Rick?
  • What else is Father Gabriel hiding? I’m keeping this same question up as I think it’s likely to be answered in the next couple episodes. We haven’t had an episode with Rick for the past couple episodes, so we’re going to be seeing what’s been happening lately with that group. Will we find out any more information about Gabriel? Who is he connected to, and what’s his deal?

Favorite Moments from the Episode

  • Getting an episode with two of the best characters in the show: Carol and Daryl

Overall, it wasn’t a plot-heavy episode. We still have some questions, but it was nice to get some answers this time around. Do you think both Beth and Carol will make it out alive? What do you think the deal is with Gabriel? Is it possible Eugene is still breathing? Sound off below, because I’d love to know your thoughts!