All Eyes on the SMALL Screen: The Walking Dead, Eps. 2 and 3 Recap

Hey guys! Because of a hectic schedule last week, I missed out on reviewing last week’s episode of The Walking DeadStrangers. So for this post, I’ll be combining my recap for both episodes. Let’s get started . . .

Plot Breakdown

Nice to meet you too, Father Gabriel!

Last week, a lot happened in a short period of time. Just when we thought we could catch our breath with Carol going all ninja on Terminus, we’re introduced to a brand-new character: Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam). The Father certainly is one secretive dude who claims to never have killed a walker or human, yet when he prayed for help, Rick and the gang showed up just in time to rescue him and give him a few nuts for his trouble.

Gabriel then leads Rick’s group to his church, pristine on both the inside and mostly the out. That is, until Carl discovers some disturbing writing etched into the church’s outside wall. What is Father Gabriel going to pay for? We find out in yesterday’s episode that Gabriel locked all of his congregation outside the church, even when they were begging to come in, seeking a haven from the dead. Between sobs, Gabriel exclaims he’s damned because he refused to let any of the people in. Talk about one selfish Father, eh?

Is Beth close by?

After their sweet reunion, Carol and Daryl might not be making many strides in unfolding what’s going on inside Carol’s head. But they might have picked up the trail to where Beth went/was taken/may be hiding. While out in the woods, Daryl spots the vehicle bearing the same symbol that Beth drove away in/was taken in after Daryl and Beth were separated at the funeral home. Strangers ends with Carol and Daryl following the trail.

Episode three, Four Walls and a Roof, ends with Michonne finding Daryl in the woods. Someone’s behind Daryl, but it’s hard to say whether it’s Carol or not.


OK, bad choice of title for this section. But the most intriguing, chilling, disturbing part of season 5 arrived at the end of episode two when Gareth, one of Terminus’s leaders and survivors, announced to Bob that not only was he alive, but that Gareth and some of his buddies were feasting on his leg right there, right then, in front of him. Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth!

By episode three, we’re right back to Gareth and Co., poor Bob leaning against a log while Gareth rambles on, justifying their cannibalism, claiming they’ll take Rick’s life (and the rest of the group’s) and enjoy eating them too. (Seriously, can the guy get any sicker?). But just as one of the rumors I read announced, Bob started laughing amidst Gareth’s arrogant speech. Bob reaches for his jacket, revealing that he had been bitten and that what they were eating was spoiled.

Church Reunion and Separation

After Sasha discovered Bob went missing, she goes out looking for him. But the Terminus cannibals, terrified they’ve consumed walker-infested human flesh, drop Bob’s body outside the church. Bob relays what’s happened to the group, resulting in a yet another argument that erupts between Abraham and Rick. Abraham wants to leave; Rick wants to wait for Carol and Daryl to return. In order to settle things, Glenn volunteers his and Maggie’s service to helping Abraham deliver Eugene to Washington if they will wait for twelve more hours in order to figure out the situation with the Terminus man-eaters.

In a nail-biting conclusion of the episode, Rick’s plan is successful as they lure Gareth and Co. into the church and take them down, thus ending (hopefully) the whole cannibalism story from the rest of the season. Abraham and Rick part ways, with Glenn, Maggie, and Tara joining Abraham and Eugene.

Discussion Questions/Thoughts for Episodes 502 and 503

  • What else is Father Gabriel hiding? There’s still a mysterious picture of a girl with the father who was zombified in the food bank. Also, is the father connected to the people who took Beth?
  • Who’s with Daryl? My guess? I’m going with Morgan, who we found out at the end of episode one was following Rick’s tracks. It’d be a great time to bring him back.
  • Where did Carol go? The reason I ask this is that she wasn’t revealed at the end of episode three like Daryl. This makes me think that she might have gone rogue, searched for Beth, or possibly even been killed (although I really hope not!). She could be with Daryl, but why would they hide her if she was with him?
  • Who took BethWe finally get some previews that tell us we’ll be seeing some of Beth next week. It looks like they’re supposedly taking good care of her. But there’s a cop and a doctor, and a nice scenic view of a city outside her window that brings you back to season one. How are these people in such good health? Could they possibly be connected to the person/people that kept up the funeral parlor Daryl and Beth were staying before?
  • Where are Rick and Co. gonna go next? It looks like we’ll be getting a somewhat divided season as we follow the two (possibly three?) different groups on their journeys. We have Abraham and Eugene headed to Washington; we have Beth in a new place; and we have Rick’s group still holed up at the church. If they have a lead on Beth, are they going to find her? Abraham left a map with Rick, asking him to join them in the “new world” they hope to create.

Favorite Moments from the Episodes

  • Rick and the gang taking out Gareth and the Terminus survivors
  • Bob dying peacefully (instead of at the mouths of cannibals!), offering advice to Rick that will hopefully affect him
  • Abraham’s apology note to Rick
  • Daryl showing up at the end!

Even with some nice resolution, there’s still a lot to talk about. What were your favorite parts of episodes two and three? Who do you think is with Daryl? How long do you think Beth will be able to stay alive? Sound off below, because I’d love to know your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “All Eyes on the SMALL Screen: The Walking Dead, Eps. 2 and 3 Recap

  1. Bob makes me sad. His character never really got enough spotlight. Black men never really do well on this show. Not starting a race thing at all haha, just an interesting observation since I always cheer them on in horror flicks or shows. We still got Tyrese alive and well though! And Gabriel who will be biting a bullet sooner or later this season (bet)…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really loved Bob in it too! I heard that in the comics, it was Dale that this happened to, so I wonder if the character that Bob was created for the show.

      Yes, I’m totally rooting for Tyrese! I got to meet him at C2E2 in Chicago two years ago, when he was just playing a small role in season 3. Now he’s in the main cast! I also really like Sasha and hope that she lasts a good while on the show!

      I’m OK with Gabriel biting the bullet just because I think he’s not a good dude . . . but we’ll see! Who knows.

      As for your race comment, in general, I think The Walking Dead does a pretty nice job considering having racial (and gender) equality on the show. It’s nice to see a show that has people from all different walks of life, gender, and ethnical backgrounds.


  2. It was so sad to see Bob go. His exchange with Sasha was heartbreaking and so well-written. I liked that his character went peacefully.

    I don’t know if I’m the only one but I don’t really care for the D.C. storyline. Abraham and co. aren’t annoying characters or anything, but I’m just not interested nor trust that Eugene knows what the cure is. Though I think Glenn and Maggie were turned off by how savagely Rick killed the Termites, their separation from the group just seemed too easy of a decision to me. It’s disappointing that Maggie didn’t show any curosity if Beth is alive.

    I’m so excited for a Beth centered episode, though it’s sad in the trailer she says that nobody is looking for her. 😦 I hope it’s Beth with Daryl; maybe he thinks that her return will do something hopeful for the group. It might be Morgan but I didn’t think Daryl knew what he looked like or if Rick ever told Daryl about Morgan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there, Katy! Couldn’t agree more. I really liked Bob and was sad to see him go, but at the same time, the writing was great for his character’s exit.

      I think the D.C. storyline has potential to be interesting, but I also see it ending similarly to season 1 when they met the guy who was “working” on the cure. I was shocked Glenn and Maggie left with them, but it seems like it might be an argument between the two of them later. It was more Glenn speaking on their behalf to go, and I sensed that Maggie was more hesitant. I’d like to think she’d care about her sister being alive . . . I’m hoping they’ll return to that later in the season.

      Sorry that you’ll probably be disappointed by who’s with Daryl, but in case you haven’t seen the most recent episode, I won’t spoil it for you. I wonder if Rick ever said anything to Daryl about Morgan, but I guess we’ll find out. Who knows! Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment and discussion, Katy!


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