Score Spotlight: Spider-Man (2002)

love movie scores, often more so than their soundtracks. I’ve purchased several favorites throughout the years, and one of them that recently came up in my shuffle mode was Danny Elfman’s brilliant score for the first Spider-Man film that came out in 2002.

One of the more interesting facts about the score is that Danny Elfman, who is usually known as a big part of the tag-team of Burton and Elfman for their collaboration in film and scores, had actually already worked with Sam Raimi on a couple of his films prior to Spider-Man, including Darkman (1990) and Army of Darkness (1993).

Elfman’s score for the first Spider-Man film was critically successful, winning numerous awards in 2002, including a BMI Film Music Award, a Golden Trailer Award, a Saturn Award, and a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television, or Other Visual Media.

There are several notable tracks on the score, but I think its Main Title is one the strongest themes created for a superhero franchise, with the scores for the remakes often making it onto the cons lists when comparing the old and newer films. One of the things I disliked most about the Spider-Man remakes was the score. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) at least offered some better work from Hans Zimmer along with The Magnificent 6, but for me both scores pale in comparison to this genius work of Danny Elfman in the first Spider-Man film.


One of my other favorite tracks on the album is City Montage:


Although with enough time passed and more remakes in the works, I think Elfman’s score will stand the test of time, even if the film itself doesn’t.

It’s your turn now. What is your favorite Danny Elfman score? Which score do you prefer of all five Spider-Man films? Please join the conversation below, because I would love to know your thoughts.

14 thoughts on “Score Spotlight: Spider-Man (2002)

  1. Very cool subject here — I think I would agree with you about this being the superior Spiderman-related score. Although unfortunately I must admit soundtracks/scores tend to fade to the background of my memory after the watch. I usually am thoroughly engaged in them during, of course but afterwards I have trouble recalling a lot of them. But Danny Elfman sure is a legend. He’s done countless classics.

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    • Hey Tom! Glad you think so too. Scores tend to stand out for me, and in this film’s case, it certainly did. I can understand that! For a while, I forgot about this score, but when I saw the new Spider-Man films, I was reminded once again of why I enjoyed the original films more.

      Agreed – Danny Elfman is certainly a legend!


  2. Definitely stand out tracks from the score. I’ve got the album, but it’s not quite stood the test of time for me. I can’t listen to it on it’s own these days. Maybe my taste in music has just changed!

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    • Hi Jaina! Thanks, I think so too. Hey, glad to hear you own it too. It’s not the most memorable record out there, but I do appreciate it since I find it to be the best Spider-Man score composed thus far.


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