Blogathon: “Recommended By” + Introducing All Eyes On the SMALL Screen to AEOS

In continuing with his “Recommended by” blogathon, Tyson over at Head in a Vice has graciously included me in the fun by posting my review of Richard Linklater’s first of three films in his “Before” series, Before Sunrise (1995), a modern classic starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke.

Of course, I wouldn’t have watched Before Sunrise (yet?) if it weren’t for Caz’s recommendation at Let’s Go to the Movies. As mentioned in a previous post, Tyson created the blogathon to get back into the groove of blogging and reconnect with fellow film bloggers after his hiatus. He opened it up to anyone who read a review by a fellow film blogger, watched the film that was recommended in the post, and then wrote a review on that film to later be published on his site for the blogathon. I’m not going to review Before Sunrise on AEOS since Tyson has already posted my review on his site, but please do check out my post here if you are interested in my thoughts on the film.

I enjoyed Before Sunrise so much, I decided to watch both Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013). Out of the three films, I enjoyed the middle offering, Before Sunset, the most (it has a great scene that showcases Julie Delpy’s beautiful singing voice), although I have good things to say about all three movies.

The “Before” series is a trilogy (to become a quartet?) that I’d gladly recommend to anyone, whether you’re a fan of romantic films or not. It’s certainly more than a romantic comedy, stretching itself into both the drama and indie film genres. The trilogy introduces us to interesting, well-thought out characters that begin to challenge each other as well as viewers in testing the dynamics of relationships and how people interact with one another. The series certainly builds, but there’s truly no climax, at least not yet. While the situation these two people find themselves in Before Sunrise seems like one-in-a-million, it’s truly the rich conversation shared between Delpy’s and Hawke’s characters that provides enough sense and realism that by Before Midnight, you imagine it might be your own family members (or yourself) struggling with some of the same issues Jesse and Celine are facing.

So my question to all of you is, if Linklater pens another “Before” movie in the next five or six years, what should he name it? Before Dawn? Before Noon? Before the Solar Eclipse? OK, just kidding on that last one . . . 

All Eyes Small Screen Banner

I’m thrilled to announce the newest series coming to AEOS will be featuring TV episodes of the current season of The Walking Dead (2010-). While All Eyes On Screen has acted solely as movie site, I have been fiddling around with the idea of including occasional television episodes here and there. AEOS will continue to be a site primarily dedicated to movie critique and discussion, but I did want to venture into the small screen realm.

I chose The Walking Dead since it’s a show I’m watching live (or possibly the next day since this blogger doesn’t have cable). If it proves to be a successful choice to feature TV episode reviews for the site, I hope to extend All Eyes On the SMALL Screen with reviews and critiques on more TV shows. But I want to start out small, and I still want to keep the focus of the site on movies.

What are your thoughts on this new series? Are there other shows you’d like to see featured? If you have any suggestions or tips, please share them below, because I would love to know your thoughts.

27 thoughts on “Blogathon: “Recommended By” + Introducing All Eyes On the SMALL Screen to AEOS

  1. I totally agree with you. I think Before Sunset is my favorite of these films. I’m a huge fan of Sunrise but I have to say that I was really disappointed in Midnight. I liked it but it had several issues that brought it down for me.

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    • Hey, Keith! Yes, I have a lot of love for the series, but as individual films, Before Sunset stood out the most for me. Ahh, I’d be interested to hear about your issues with Midnight at some point. I think we might share some of the same thoughts on it. To summarize my issue with it, as a whole, I felt like Celine and Jesse’s relationship peaked at Sunset and then plummeted in Midnight. It was like, here’s one side of a relationship: two people (especially Celine) ripping apart the other person because he/she is dissatisfied with the other person, is being selfish, and essentially, wanting to give up because the couple is in a new phase of the relationship. I felt like the movies were showcasing more extreme parts of a relationship, although there were definitely parts of their conversation that felt very real.


      • I felt Midnight was the first film of the series that actually felt scripted. Much of it was good but not nearly as pure as the earlier movies. There was also this weird preoccupation with sex in practically every conversation. Regardless of the conversation or people, an odd sex joke or dialogue was shoehorned in. And then there was the weird ending that felt really clunky. I dunno, still liked the film but felt a bit disappointed.

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        • Haha, well that may not be ironic considering that Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke helped pen the script to Midnight. They both helped with the screenplay for Sunset, but Linklater and Kim Krizan handled that story. And as for Sunrise, Delpy and Hawke didn’t help with the script at all. I’m wondering if it felt clunky because the two actors were so involved in the script-writing. Who knows!

          Yeah, there was more talk regarding sex in it than the first two films combined. What probably made it feel unnatural is that the two characters hardly talked about it in the first two films, so you don’t expect them to be going on and on about it in the third.


          • That’s right. But it wasn’t just them with each other. Practically every conversation regardless of the people in it had some weird sex joke or attempted comedic dialogue attached. I’m sure it’s just me but it really stood out.

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            • Well, one thing that made the film different is that while it focused on Celine and Jesse’s conversation, it included a lot more conversation with other characters than the previous two films did. I wonder if that influenced its reception positively or not, but I do know that the film got high critical remarks. Mostly, I just found the film depressing. I don’t think it’s only you either, Keith. It seemed like the tone shifted between Sunset and Midnight, where it went more from romance to sex/disappointment.


  2. Thanks again Kristin. And reviewing TV shows sounds great, Walking Dead is a perfect place to start. I was thinking of reviewing horror TV shows for my new site (shhhhhh 😉 ) and if you ever wanted to branch out and review TV for my site, just let me know 🙂

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    • You bet! And big thanks to you too, Tyson! Thanks – that’s kind of what I was thinking too! That show is hot right now, and I think it’s at its strongest point right now, which is pretty awesome. Ooo, I know it’s already finished, but The Killing is one of my favorite “horror” (or is it considered more crime?) shows ever. I’d love to read reviews on American Horror Story since I’ve heard a lot of great things about it; however, I haven’t seen it.

      Thanks for the offer! If it turns out to be successful on my site, I’d be happy to! I’d love to extend that invite to you as well. I always enjoy having guest writers 🙂

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      • The Killing is great, havent seen the final series yet though. American Horror Story is fantastic also.

        Next time you do a blogathon or something I’ll be sure to sign up, always enjoy other peoples projects. Hope your reviews work out well 🙂

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        • Ooo, oh yeah? I’d love to know what you think. Glad to hear there’s another big Killing fan out there.

          Oh definitely! I have something in the works that I hope to get up within the next few weeks. Thanks for the well wishes, Tyson! I totally appreciate it. 🙂


    • Hey Mark! Well, I have to say, I’d totally recommend both to you. They’re both in different genres, but they’re universally enjoyed by people who like all types of film and TV.

      Ooo, I LOVE Sherlock! It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I like Once Upon a Time too, although I feel like it’s not as good as it was in the beginning (I need to catch up on that show). I wish they didn’t drag Frozen characters into it, but that’s my personal pet peeve.


  3. Adore those Linklater films. Every single one. Couldn’t choose a favourite one out of them!

    Be great to see TV shows featured on AEOS! Though, I’m winding down on TV shows these days. Maybe I’m jus getting pickier. The two shows I am head over heels for right now are The Knick and Manhattan. Manhattan’s just finished its first season and the finale of The Knick is this week. There are a tonne of new TV shows popping up on Amazon, mostly pilots, be interesting to do a series on them. Though, not all of them get “picked up”.

    Oh and House of Cards – can’t WAIT for the new season next year. Quality TV show. Network TV is leaving me very cold. Aside from Hannibal… but you need a really strong stomach for that one – shit gets dark!

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    • Hey Jaina! That’s awesome to hear you enjoy those movies too. All three are quite good! I feel like while you can find some little things here and there you might not care for, that ultimately the movies are just solid films that make you forget you’re watching a movie because they feel so real!

      Hey, thanks for the encouragement there! I’m looking forward to reviewing some TV. Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but I’m not familiar with either of those shows. Are they both British? I agree . . . so many pilots out there!

      Ahh, House of Cards is one show I’ve been wanting to check out! Netflix does put out some great shows (I like Orange Is the New Black; I enjoyed the fourth season of Arrested Development; the fourth season of The Killing was just OK.) I feel like networks today are trying to shed that squeaky clean image and create some better shows.

      I’ve heard of Hannibal, but haven’t bothered with it because I’ve just read two murder mysteries (Gone Girl and Cuckoo’s Calling_ and watched all four seasons of The Killing, plus Broadchurch within the past two months – so I need a break from the creepiness, despite the hypocritical fact that I’m totally digging The Walking Dead. I’ve really enjoyed The Blacklist, and I know my hubby is a big fan of Arrow. Most of my favorite shows seem to be on cable or Netflix these days though, so I totally get you there. 🙂 If I can ever brave it, I’ll venture out and try Hannibal!


      • Both The Knick are US shows. The Knick is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Clive Owen. Believe it’s on Cinemax over there. Manhattan meanwhile is on WGN America. People are saying it’s doing to that network what Mad Men did for AMC. Both excellent, excellent shows. The Knick is such a beautiful show to watch. Every frame is stunning. Manhattan is brilliant too.

        Have you tried Gotham? I tried Arrow back when it started, but don’t seem to get on with any comic book based TV shows. They just seem to trite and … blah! Been in and out of The Walking Dead too. Frustrates/bores the hell out of me most times.

        Can’t think of any other TV I’m looking forward to. Well, there’s Community which is gonna be on Yahoo’s TV service. Hannibal next year. True Detective next year too. Of course, Game of Thrones too! Oh and Rick and Morty – such a good show!

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        • Wow, I didn’t even realize that! Perhaps I am just too out of it, haha. Thanks for the recommendations, Jaina!

          I haven’t tried Gotham yet. I’m just not sure what to make of it. As for The Walking Dead . . . I considered season 2 to be the slow season of the set. From then on, it just gets grittier and more interesting, IMO!

          Ha, I have yet to start Game of Thrones! Although I may start it at some point just because of all the good reviews it has gotten.


  4. My colleague has been raving about Walking Dead the past couple of days. I haven’t seen it yet but I always enjoy reading others’ reviews. I think it’s cool that you include TV, esp now that there are so many great series out there.

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    • Haha, oh yeah? Well, one of the most anticipated seasons of the show just started, and I think it was considered the “most intense 6 minutes on the show” yet. Ha! That’s so true – we’ll see how it turns out! I know not everyone watches the same shows, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself by reviewing tons of TV. But yeah, I’m looking forward to adding a new layer to the site!


    • Hey Adam! I actually REALLY enjoyed season 4, but I have been anticipating the season 5 premiere! I’m hoping to get my review of that first episode up tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂

      I can’t wait to see what’s in store this season!

      Thanks so much for visiting the site, Adam.

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  5. Good read! I’m a virgin to this trilogy. It is interesting that you choose the middle one as the best since it is so rare to see a sequel as being the ultimate film in any trilogy. Got to begin watching these…

    And nice to see that you’ll be doing television reviews. I have a television section on my blog that has never been updated. I wish you better luck!

    I’ve been planning to write season reviews…but never actually get around to doing so. Walking Dead is a good choice. Great episode Sunday night!

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    • Hey, I know, right? I really enjoyed the first and third movies, but I liked the middle one the best. I’m not sure if I’d consider it the “ultimate film” of the three, but it was my personal favorite. And from what I hear, there’s likely to be a fourth film (there are nine years between each film, so it will be a bit!).

      Ahh, why thanks! And that’s too bad . . . I’d love to read TV reviews by you! I enjoy reading your posts . . . you have a great writing style.

      Haha, I agree on Walking Dead! Hopefully I’ll get that post up soon!

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  6. I like the Small Screen addition, very cool! 😀 I haven’t watched The Walking Dead aside from a couple of episodes in the first season (I think) as I have pretty much had enough of zombie/apocalypse-related entertainment by now! Haha I don’t know why, I just got wore out on it.

    As for the Before trilogy becoming a possible quadrilogy — I didn’t know this! Has someone said something about this, or is this theoretical? I need to see all of them myself so if they add another one I’ve got sooo much catching up to do! Lol

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    • Thanks, Tom! I’m excited to keep it up and have something new on the site.

      Ehh, it’s understandable to get worn out by the same idea getting shown again. I appreciate the spin on the zombie genre that The Walking Dead has to offer, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the horror-drama genre for TV shows. Great characters and writing, mixed in that realm makes for a great show, in my personal opinion!

      I think it’s theoretical in the minds of Linklater, Delpy, and Hawke, because I believe I’ve read enough that all three of them are considering yet another film in this set. The nice thing they have going for them is time because they have nine years between each film.

      To be honest, I REALLY enjoyed seeing each of them in a row. It was certainly a treat, and I really don’t regret being late to the scene in seeing these. I think you’d really enjoy them, Tom! 🙂 Thank you for all of the comments lately!


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