What Summer at the Movies Taught AEOS

This past summer passed by so quickly, I hardly saw as many movies at the theater as I would have liked. I did, however, manage to cram a state move, job change, wedding, and bridesmaid duty into the summer, so I tried not to skimp half-heartedly.

A few weeks ago, I read a simple, yet beautiful post by Ryan at The Matinee. Now that autumn has reared its head and summer has ceased, Ryan used one line per movie he saw over the summer months to sum up lessons the movies taught him. I decided to follow suit, so here are what the movies of summer 2014 taught AEOS:

I learned that a reboot with better lead actors doesn’t make it better than the original franchise.

I learned that even Seth Rogen can get away with playing the “responsible” character.

I learned that a movie can deliver on all of its promises when Bryan Singer is at the helm.

I learned that there’s no shame in crying at the theater when I’ve witnessed an actress’s best performance yet.

I learned that while poor marketing can prevent people from attending, a great movie will still perform well from good word-of-mouth.

I learned that funny sequels do exist, but I especially appreciate that they realize it’s time to stop making sequels.

I learned that forcing robot machines to take a backseat to inconsequential and uninteresting humans in a movie about robot machines doesn’t work.

I learned that getting lost in a great movie is the best possible feeling a summer day at the movies can bring.

I learned that heart can be found in the most unlikely of movies.

I learned that a plot works well only when you have good writing to back it up.

I learned that a movie does exist where no one except Chris Pratt should play the lead role.

I learned that Harry and Sally weren’t the only ones trying to figure out this whole opposite sex friends thing, and making a charming movie about it for this generation is certainly worth it.

I learned that sometimes stupid comedies shouldn’t be anything more than stupid comedies. And that’s okay.

I learned that even the best of intentions to adapt a novel to film can leave you disappointed and wanting.

[All images were found via Google Images.]

It’s your turn now. What did summer at the movies teach you? Please join the discussion below, because I would love to know your thoughts.

21 thoughts on “What Summer at the Movies Taught AEOS

  1. What is that last film? Only one I don’t recognize! 😛

    This is a solid list, seen some of em, not all. Really wanted to get to What If? but just ran out of time. 😦

    And oh, as for the 22 Jump Street thing, I think they’re bringing in 23 Jump Street. lol. So much for knowing when to stop. 😀

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    • That last film is The Giver, Tom! Nice eye though, to recognize everything else. I didn’t get to as many movies as I wanted this summer, but I saw mainly popular, recognizable films!!

      Thanks! Well hey, when you do see What If, you’ll definitely have to review it so I can read it! 🙂

      Haha, oh really? I was hoping that hilarious end credits scene was their way of saying “we hoped you like this movie, but we’re not making another.” Haha, yeah, so much for that then! 😀

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      • Me too. I totally thought they were doing the right thing by throwing that long running joke at the end there and then discontinuing the franchise. Seemingly there are plans to continue it. Le sigh. Perhaps if its got the same cast and crew, though, I’ll be interested.

        I had a similar summer. Managed to catch many big titles and was able to see some littler ones too. 🙂

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        • I feel like that’s what ruins a good movie often. Even with it having a successful sequel, I wish a lot of movies didn’t become franchises – or didn’t have as many sequels as they did. I tend to enjoy more standalone movies unless they were purposefully intended to have multiple movies in its franchise, not making extra movies just to make more money.

          Sounds like your summer was good too! 🙂

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  2. So, would you say that The Usual Suspects is another Bryan Singer movie that delivers on its promises now that you’ve seen it? The X-men movies he did seem drastically different; I have a hard time seeing how they share the same director sometimes. Also, what about Superman Returns? To me, that failed to meet expectations.

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    • The Usual Suspects was definitely great, I think! For me, based off his work on the entire X-Men franchise, I consider him a director who delivers on promises. I can’t say the same for Superman Returns, but I was making comment in regards to X-Men: Days of Future Past. I think Days of Future Past needed Bryan Singer to make it as great as it was, given his history and background with the franchise.

      Yeah, it is weird to imagine Singer directing all those different movies. Perhaps he is trying to find his footing and figure out exactly what kind of director he wants to be. Because in my mind, he’s the X-Men director! 😀


  3. Shame to say that this summer I thought it was pretty boring, but reading this post made me think of all the movies I missed out on – especially Edge of Tomorrow and Begin Again. I think this summer made me learn to really dig for movies to watch, even if they didn’t come out this year…and perhaps to wane my hype before a movie comes out so I’m not expecting too much. Awesome list!

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    • Hey Katy! Thanks for visiting the site. Haha, I feel that way all the time – I always notice movies that other people have seen, wishing I had had the time or ability to go see them! Edge of Tomorrow and Begin Again are two of my favorite movies of the year so far!

      That’s really cool – I definitely watched several movies that didn’t come out this year. Some I liked; others I didn’t care for.

      Yeah, I tend to get myself hyped up for movies, only to be disappointed often. That’s what I did with The Giver.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


  4. WOW, these are all awesome lessons, great stuff Kris!! Totally agree w/ this one “I learned that heart can be found in the most unlikely of movies.” Dawn of the Planet of the Apes might be my fave of the Summer.

    “I learned that a movie can deliver on all of its promises when Bryan Singer is at the helm” Well if only that were true w/ Superman Returns ahah, but I suppose he did say it was more of a rom-com than a real Superman movie.

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    • Aww, why thanks, Ruth! Yeah, I thought Dawn was such a great surprise (for me), and a really good movie!

      Haha, yeah, I realized after the fact that he was the director Superman Returns. I guess I thought of it more as a director of many of the X-Men films, that he was the one that could make Days of Future Past really be great!


    • Thanks, Nostra – I appreciate that! Oh, that movie is What If, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. It’s a very fun and charming movie I’d recommend to anyone who likes a good, solid romantic comedy.


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