AEOS Update: Back to Blogging

To my friends, followers, and most important, my fellow movie bloggers,

I’m finally back! After taking a break from blogging about the movies for two years, I realized that NOW is the time to finally get back to my favorite hobby. Why now? Well, I’ve experienced a lot of life changes in the past few years. I’m starting to get settled, and I’m itching to write again. I can’t put into words how much I’ve missed being on the blogosphere, because frankly, there’s nothing quite like being a part of the coolest club in the world: the movie blogging community.

Everyone has their reasons for joining, leaving, or returning to blogging. My reason involves a lot of details, but I’m happy to share a few with those who are actually interested. I updated my About AEOS section, which you can find here. But for those of you who are a little lazy (like me), you can just read on, since I’m just copying/pasting the text below:

In the fall of 2010, I started this blog because I love movies. I discovered an online film community that welcomed me with open arms. All Eyes On Screen evolved over the next two years. Blogging about movies introduced me to fellow movie buffs all over the world, and my love for movies and writing about them has become a bigger passion in my life than I ever imagined it could be. Matt and KristinI’ve learned so much from disciplining myself to watch more, write more, write better, and be influenced by my fellow bloggers.

By the fall of 2012, my life changed in the best way possible: I met the guy of my dreams. But over the course of the next two years, my life also involved taking on multiple job responsibilities. By mid-2014, I changed jobs, moved states, and married that perfect man. As many of my fellow movie-blogging friends know, I started and quit blogging multiple times over the last few years, attempting to blog amidst my hectic schedule. Eventually, I lost my site URL, and I put blogging on hold until I KNEW I would be able to return to blogging at a regular and consistent pace.

Well, that time has finally arrived, and I’m happy to say that All Eyes On Screen is coming back in a big way: new posts, new movies to review, and new improvements are coming to All Eyes On Screen. I hope you’ll join the conversation and keep your eyes on screen as I write, critique, and chat about all the latest movies coming out.

Happy movie watching and writing,


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