The Hobbit: New Trailer Released!

In lieu of Frodo and Bilbo’s shared birthday on September 22, The Hobbit‘s marketing plan goes into full swing as it releases the latest and most revealing trailer for the first third of films.

This trailer certainly includes some new material that makes it come off as a bit of an action flick. We also get bigger glimpses of Elrond, Galadriel, and more dialogue from Gollum. I’d have to read some of Tolkien’s other books to know how accurate some of the material is, because after reading The Hobbit, there are a few parts of the trailer that certainly have not come from the book.

Ever since I heard Peter Jackson was dividing The Hobbit  three separate films, I got less excited for the film. I still wonder how three great films can be made from a book that has fewer than 300 pages. I know other Tolkien books will be included, but I’ve also read that new characters/storylines will be added.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer? Are you still excited for the first third of The Hobbit? Share what you think below!

3 thoughts on “The Hobbit: New Trailer Released!

  1. Very excited. I don’t think seeing any more trailers will make me any more excited. Love LOTR and this looks like it’s going to be a step back into that universe. A seamless step at that. Love it.

    I know that in the 3 Hobbit films there are parts taken from the appendices of all of the LOTR books and I think there’s going to be stuff from The Silmarillion. So a lot more Middle Earth history.

    Can’t wait!


  2. Yeah I’m totally with you about being concerned with the three film split. I think it could have a negative effect. On the other hand, the trailer looks great so here’s hoping for a great success!


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