Three Final Weeks of Movies

I was a little inspired after seeing Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and I thought it would be a cool to ask myself–and all of you out there–the following questions:

What movie would you watch if you had only 3 weeks left to live?

Dodge and Penny had only 3 weeks left, and obviously they didn’t watch any movies. Look, I get it. If you had three weeks left to live, you would probably be spending it with friends and family, not watching movies. But let’s take all other factors out of the equation–if you had only three weeks left to watch any movies, which ones would they be?

What would be your final 3?

Looking at the upcoming 3 weeks on the calendar, which theater movies would you shell out cash to see?

I think back to an early episode of The Office when Ryan started the fire, and the whole office had to wait outside. Jim started a game of, “If you were on an island, what movies/book/etc would you take with you? Dwight typically doesn’t get involved in these childish games, but when Jim questions him about what book, this is Dwight’s response:

Dwight is all about survivor mode. Good for him.

OK, here are my answers:

What movie would you watch if you had only 3 weeks left to live, and why that movie? 
Well,  I’m not all about “survivor mode” like Dwight, so I’ll be far less conventional and just pick a film I love: Elizabethtown. (For regular readers, this is no surprise.) I would have chosen (500) Days of Summer, because it currently sits as my favorite film. However, since I’m pretty close to death, I’d like to end on a happier note. And those of you who have seen (500) Days know that it does end kind of on a happy note–one of hope. And that’s a little ironic considering there’s little hope left if a meteor were to crash into the earth.

What would be your final 3?
If I had to choose 3 movies as my last 3 movies to ever see, they would be The Artist, Inception, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Looking at the upcoming 3 weeks on the calendar, which theater movies would you shell out cash to see?
This is an easy answer–The Dark Knight Rises, of course!

OK, people, it’s your turn. There are no wrong answers, so don’t be shy. Dr. Horrible is one of my final three, so you have no reason to be embarrassed by any of your answers! What movie would you watch if you had only 3 weeks left to live, and why? What would be your final 3 movies you could watch? And looking at the upcoming 3 weeks on the calendar, which theater movies would you shell out cash to see?

21 thoughts on “Three Final Weeks of Movies

  1. Tough questions!

    If I only had 3 weeks left to live I think I would go back to when film really made an impact on me as a kid which was with Jurassic Park.

    Final 3 movies I could watch would be… Gladiator, The Matrix, Inception. I think! Today that’s my answer anyway 😉

    The last question? There’s not question The Dark Knight Rises!


    • Very cool choice, Jaina! I wish I had more films that I dug as a kid. There are really only Christmas movies I remember from being younger — those, and Beauty and the Beast. Great movies, but not ones I want to watch at the end of the world.

      Wow, I love your choices — all excellent movies. We’ll have to get together to watch Inception then, OK?

      Of course — great answer!


    • I know, right? Those are great choices, Andy! And ooo, The Shining. Creepy to add! Well, at least you’re practical when it comes to your theater choice 🙂 Since I bought my ticket in advance, I guess I will have to see that as well.


  2. Oh boy, tough one Kris. If I only had 3 weeks to live, I don’t know if movies would be on my mind but hmmm, let’s see… I probably will find one from 3 of my favorite actors, so it’ll be Phantom of the Opera, Batman Begins and Roman Holiday! 😀

    As for the other question, I echo Jaina and Andy, The Dark Knight Rises of course!


  3. haha love it how seriously we’re all taking this! It is a tough question! This is really trick. I don’t think it would be many of my favourite films because they’re all too bloody depressing!

    I’d probably watch Life in A Day because I would like to be reminded of some of the joy of life on earth.

    Last three would probably be stuff I could watch with the family maybe. Again it would have to be happy stuff. Maybe some comedy. I’m trying to think of films that have filled me with joy! Maybe Grease? Actually no, I wouldn’t mind watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy again. That’s it, that’s my three!

    Dark Knight Rises all the way! Gosh I feel a bit sad now. Hope the world doesn’t end any time too soon!


    • I know, right? Hey — it’s movies we’re talking here. That’s some serious business. Lol.

      Haha, I actually get that. I love the movie Cast Away, but I don’t really want to see it at the end of the world. I get where you’re coming from in not wanting to watch a depressing film then.

      Aww, the LOTR series is a great choice. They have to be my favorite film trilogy out there, and I doubt they’ll be moving down from that spot any time soon.

      Yeah, I hope not, too, Pete. Let’s not think like that! Ha!


  4. I’ll get question three out of the way and say The Dark Knight Rises. Because as long as I see that, I will die happy. As for the first two:

    1. I’d go with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Why? One of my favourite movies of all time, and one that always leaves me feeling good :).

    2. Right now, I’d want my final three to be Taxi Driver, Blade Runner, and Magnolia. Why? Because they’re masterpieces!


    • I love that kind of loyalty and dedication to the DKR! I feel similarly 🙂

      I like that choice — it’s a good movie with a great message. Nice choice!

      I’ve heard fantastic things about all those three films, but believe it or not, I’ve never actually seen any of those films! Blade Runner is at the top of my list to see next!


    • Haha, I like the way you think, Scott — I’m thinking the same way.

      I have never even HEARD of Cool Hand Luke. I will have to look that one up.

      OK, another to add to the DKR group. Awesome!


  5. Ditto with Dark Knight Rises.
    3 weeks only? Maybe Return of the King because it inspires me to be the best version of myself because I never know when I could be dead.
    Final 3? Spiderman 2, The King’s Speech, and Freedom Writers


    • So basically there is going to be a big band of us movie geeks seeing The Dark Knight Rises if the end of the world happens in the next 3 weeks. That is both awesome and scary.

      Wow, way to get to the point there, Jenn! Return of the King is such an excellent film. Absolutely love it. All hail Peter Jackson.

      Love your choices — I feel like I could have at least guessed Spiderman 2 would make your final three. Great choices, Jenn!


  6. If I had three weeks left, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t watch ANY movie! 😉 But I will play along and choose:

    – Beasts of the Southern Wild
    – The Dark Knight Rises
    – The Tree of Life

    Yes, I must see those new movies before it all goes to shit! And the Tree of Life because there resides the keys to immortality!!!!!!!!!!


  7. 3 weeks left to live and one movie – it’s Last of the Mohicans. And it’s not even close. And if I had two more to go with that one, it’s Million Dollar Baby & The Myth of Fingerprints. Which is to say, they are my three favorite movies for a reason.

    But if I had to pick something from the upcoming movie schedule? Oh man. Take This Waltz, I guess? Or can I just stay home and watch Last of the Mohicans instead?


  8. Excellent post! 🙂 Now to the questions.

    What movie would you watch if you had only 3 weeks left to live, and why?

    Probably Ratatouille. It just brings me such joy. And I’d watch it dubbed in Spanish. The Spanish dubbing is so good! I normally hate that but this one is different.

    What would be your final 3 movies you could watch?
    Ratatouille, Volver and Mean Girls. They’re not exactly my Top 3, but I love them! I could easily swap one of those for The Big Lebowski, though.

    And looking at the upcoming 3 weeks on the calendar, which theater movies would you shell out cash to see? My answer is the same as yours: TDKR all the way!


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