Support an Independent Film

Hey all! I’ve never had a post like this one before.

I wanted to take the opportunity to spread the news about an independent film, but who better to tell you than the filmmaker herself?

Before you check out the video, a couple things about Melanie:

  • Melanie was a college roommate of mine for one semester. She isn’t a stranger.
  • Melanie shares the same passion for making film that many of you have for writing about it.
  • Melanie already has some experience in the field, and among her experience, research, and understanding of film, I think she has great potential to create film.

Watch the video and get all the info on Melanie’s film, The Lilith Necklace, here.

Melanie never asked me to post about her project, much less to promote it. I chose to do this because I’m a big fan of film and even in this small, insignificant way, I’d like to lend a supporting hand to another person who loves film. You, too, can help support Melanie and her film, The Lilith Necklace, by giving as little as $5, or just by sharing the project with other fellow film friends.

Melanie’s also a blogger! If you’d like to learn more about her, check out her blog Grassroots Movement.

Thanks for reading! Do you know anyone who has a film he’s working on? Feel free to share it!