New Production Video Released for The Hobbit

Having finally caught up on all of Peter Jackson’s production videos for The Hobbit, I was pleasantly surprised to watch a new one that was released just yesterday. I read the book last month, so it’s nice to have that extra insight into the film, especially while watching these early videos.

For those of you have read the book, maybe you too wonder how on earth Jackson is going to bring some of the creatures and “barriers” to Middle-earth and have it not look crazy. With the little footage here and there that I’ve caught throughout the production videos, I’m getting more and more excited to see it on the big screen. I’m also happy to noticed that while he’s using some green screen in the film, that after scouting locations for a while, he’s found several beautiful parts of New Zealand that were not in Lord of the Rings to shoot The Hobbit.

Despite all the new information I can glean from the videos, my biggest question has yet to be answered–where will they be cutting the first half of The Hobbit for the first film? There’s some key scenes early on in the book, as well as the most famous that happens to include the devious character, Gollum. I won’t say anything more so I don’t spoil the fun for those of you who haven’t read the book. But I’d highly recommend reading it if you have time! While the Lord of the Rings series is long and in parts heavy to read, The Hobbit is under 300 pages and a relatively easy read. Read the first chapter on–you might decide that you need to read the book now!

This latest production video features a lot of the on-location shooting with both Jackson and his 2nd unit director Andy Serkis. Check out the video below! You can view the previous five production videos in a row here, or you can head over to The Hobbit website for all upcoming news on the film. And if you’re really into getting info on The Hobbit, then you can bookmark Peter Jackson’s Facebook page, because it seems like that’s the first place new information on the film lands.

No doubt this is not the last video we’ll be seeing from Jackson. The Hobbit parts 1 and 2, while filmed together, have been filmed in three separate stages, or blocks. I’m pretty sure this video ends the diary of block 2. That leaves block 3, which will probably be either in a new location or back on set. In the mean time, I will be finishing reading the “Two Towers,” and then watching the extended versions of the three films for a book/film comparison. See you guys next week!

10 thoughts on “New Production Video Released for The Hobbit

  1. PJ is so good with fans it’s unbelievable. I wished more directors would do these kind of in-depth production diaries. Heck the movie isn’t out yet and this is already more content than the vast majority of extra material you find on DVDs these days.


    • So true! I would definitely agree. I was completely bummed out that Nolan didn’t include more on Inception. Definitely little payback for getting the Blu-ray. The interesting thing he did though (and has done for some of his other movies) is publishing the script and including some notes in book form. But as for PJ? It’s like he wants everyone else to get in on the magic and fun of filmmaking. I love it, and I, too, wish more directors would share even a fraction of what he shares with fans.


  2. Wow so may more stunning locations! Even the video diaries are EPIC! Can’t wait! I hope they manage to make this even close to as good as LOTR. I’m going to re-read The Hobbit later in the year after getting through the Hunger Games tilogy. Great to see a bit of Serkis doing his directing thang! Thanks for posting!


    • I know! If anything, I think they’ll almost have a one-up on making The Hobbit because they already have a lot of the previous sets, and PJ probably has a lot of the same cast/crew (well, some cast, such as Andy Serkis). There’s a lot of bizarre things that happen in The Hobbit (even compared to LOTR!), but it’s so much shorter than the series, that I’m thinking they’ll at least partly have an easier time. Would definitely recommend that – you’ll have to tell me what you think of The Hunger Games, too, Pete! Haha, yeah, it’s nice to see Serkis wearing different hats. How one can play Gollum and direct the film? Beyond me. Pretty crazy.


    • Definitely! Cool – hope you enjoy it this second time around. You might get more out of it now being older 🙂 Yeah, I’m definitely curious to see what Smaug will look like too. I would imagine it would be difficult to create Smaug, but it’s Peter Jackson we’re talking about here, right?


  3. I love that Peter Jackson puts in the thought to put things like this together for the fans. Sure, you could be cynical and write it off as a PR thing, but I think he genuinely cares about the fans. He wants to show them what he’s doing. He’s so passionate about film – loff him!


    • I think one would have to be overtly cynical (and perhaps have other issues) to completely ride of Jackson putting up these vids for strictly PR purposes; I think you’re absolutely right, Jaina – he cares about the fans. Jackson’s a good example of who many amateur filmmakers and wannabe (perhaps future) filmmakers aspire to be. Clearly, he does what he loves, and he loves to share what he does with everyone. As a movie geek, it would be very difficult to NOT love him! 🙂


  4. I always enjoy PJ’s video journals! I just wish they showed more Richard Armitage (Thorin) in this video as I only saw him behind the people talking to the camera. Anyway, can’t wait for The Hobbit!


    • Same! I’m definitely curious to see more of Thorin as well. We got quite a bit of the other dwarves as well as even some Serkis (with him being a director too now) and Freeman. I’m sure there will be at least one more video, so there’s still a chance to see more of him before the film comes out this December (wow, doesn’t that sound far away?!).


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