Trailer Friday – Jean Dujardin’s Villain Auditions

Fridays are the days I like to include trailers, and although I missed out posting a trailer the past couple weeks, I wanted to post one today. I came across this hysterical Jean Dujardin Funny or Die video and knew it would be a perfect high note to end the week for All Eyes on Screen.

Clearly The Artist star has a funny bone, and it’s put to great use in this exclusive Funny or Die video. In the video, the idea is mentioned that most European actors who make it big in a successful film in the States often take on a the role of a villain in a film as a following gig. So the French Dujardin takes a crack at playing villains, assuming a new type of weapon (primarily different guns) for each role, for all the “new sequels” due out in the future.

Watch the video to find out how many of the roles he gets cast in. I will say that my personal favorite was Bridesmaids 2.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to embed Funny or Die videos on WordPress. So below, I have included a link to the video, as well as some screenshots (all courtesy of Funny or Die – I take none of the credit!) to give you a taste of what the video is about.

Jean Dujardin’s Villain Auditions

Just added – Jean Dujardin made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, when Zooey Deschanel hosted. They performed an dance reminiscent of the one in The Artist. Be sure to check it out here.

Which role for Jean Dujardin was your favorite? Do you think he should play a villain in his next film? Do you think he’d make a good villain?

11 thoughts on “Trailer Friday – Jean Dujardin’s Villain Auditions

  1. His expressive face is just amazing! Yeah I think he’d make a good villain but it doesn’t mean he should suddenly play one post his Oscar nom (and perhaps win). I hope he’d choose a role that can really maximize his talent though it seems like a lot of post Oscar winners’ follow-up work seem to be mostly driven by the paycheck.


    • I know! He’s absolutely hilarious in the video, and he was great in that SNL skit that aired last night. I’ll have to post that too. I would hope so, too. He’s definitely a different type from the usual Oscar-nominated folk, and I can imagine him winning the category (and hope for it!). I hope to see him do more American work just because I loved him so much in The Artist and want to get more of him.


  2. And here he said his expressive face was why he got turned down for certain roles (his Golden Globes speech). I think he would be a great villain! Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Conan the Barbarian were my personal favorites…


    • I know! Crazy, isn’t it? I think he’d be fantastic, although he’d really have to work on the accent to be a little smoother and understandable. Haha, his POTC cracked me up, especially when he got all cross-eyed.


  3. A movie critic in Chicago says he is hilarious in OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, where he plays Sean Connery as 007 playing Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther, a movie from 2006.


  4. I think they should definitely do Larry Crowne 2 and Dujardin drown him! Yeah give him a part in Die Hard 5. Or just let him take over from Danial Craig AS Bond after Skyfall. It’ll be like a too-old Connery all over again!


  5. I liked Jean Dujardin from the time I saw him in the OSS movies. Very charismatic actor and I’m glad he is getting so much success with The Artist. I doubt he will make the Hollywood leap like Jean Reno et al. though because it seems his English isn’t very strong.


    • I think it’s cool that you had something before The Artist to compare him to. I will definitely have to check those films. I would agree that his English isn’t strong, but I have faith that he could do more in the States if he wishes. I’m sure he’ll be receiving several offers (probably already has) following the Oscars, although I would agree that he just isn’t Hollywood material. And I think that’s a good thing. I loved him in The Artist and hope to see more of him in the future.


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