Lenny Kravitz and The Hunger Games

Lenny Kravitz is known far more for his music than his acting, and rightfully so. At least, that’s how he sees it.

According to his interview with Rolling Stone, he sees himself first as a musician, and than an actor. When asked about his return to acting, Kravitz responds, “I always figured it would come back into my life. I was an actor when I was a kid. When I realized music was my thing, I just gave it up. I put blinders on, just focused on music. It’s come back now and I really am enjoying it.”

Perhaps it was Kravitz’s role in Precious that attracted director Gary Ross to him. Kravitz will be playing a character named Cinna, a quiet but talented designer who works for the Capitol. Cinna meets Katniss, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, the story’s central character, and is given instructions to design outfits for her.

If you’ve read the books (or even just the first one), then you know that Cinna’s role goes beyond a simple designer, and that his actions will mean more as the story goes on.

Kravitz describes Cinna as a guy who “knows what he’s doing. He’s confident. He’s got a big heart. I just liked the way he moved – very smooth.”

Check out the new still above from Rolling Stone, and then take a look at some of the other photos already released below.* The above photo definitely excites me for this film, given that Cinna became my favorite character as I read the series.

Read the full interview with Rolling Stone here. The Hunger Games hits theaters on March 23, 2012.

Just in – new trailer released for The Hunger Games. Check it out at Yahoo! (WordPress doesn’t allow Yahoo video embedding. Sigh.) The Hunger Games Trailer 2

*Photo on the right is a screenshot from the film’s trailer.

10 thoughts on “Lenny Kravitz and The Hunger Games

  1. Y’know when I read Hunger Games I didn’t imagine someone like Lenny Kravitz portraying him but hey, I think it could work. I didn’t see Precious so I have no idea what Lenny’s like on screen. I do like Cinna a lot, I hope Lenny has a sincere chemistry w/ Jennifer as it’s crucial that they do.


    • Haha, I think I’m the same way. However, when I did hear about the casting upfront, I was pretty excited. Not so much because I know a whole lot about him, but when I saw a picture of him, I thought that he really COULD look the part. I hope so too. I do have a good feeling about it 🙂


    • Funny. Yep, Kravitz is definitely in THG! Looking forward to it. Haha, I’m not a huge reader of it by any means, but if there’s an interesting article in it, sure, I’ll check it out. Thanks!


    • I’d recommend reading the first book at some point to see whether you find it interesting. Kravitz definitely plays a cool character!

      I’ve never had a yearning quite like this before,
      Now that you are walking right through my door.



  2. Didn’t know Kravitz was at acting again and thanks for the reminder of the release date. I really need to get a move on and start reading the first book as it’s sitting next to me waiting.


    • Yep! A definite welcome, at that too. Once you start the book, you will probably have a hard time putting it down (that was my experience, anyhow). You really need to read only the first book for this film (based on the first book), but you might end up wanting to read the other two if you enjoy the first one a lot. Hope you have fun reading, Pete!


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