Reaction to Oscar Nominations

Everyone’s going to have their own quips about what film was nominated, what film wasn’t nominated, who got snubbed, who got included who shouldn’t have, etc. Some will and some won’t agree with me on any or many of these.

If you read my previous post, you’ll already have a one-up on this one. In more detail, here are my reactions:

What Disappoints Me

  • Shailene Woodley not making the cut for Actress in a Supporting Role. Who got it instead? Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids. I can’t even comprehend how there’s a comparison here. I really don’t care to vote between comedy or drama; in terms of role performance, in my humble opinion, Woodley–not McCarthy–should have been nominated.
  • Drive‘s lack of nominations. With its overall positive reviews, ratings, and plug for Ryan Gosling, I’m stunned that it’s walking about with only a single nom. In my latest post, I mentioned the forgotten Albert Brooks. I feel like Drive is walking away forgotten.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt missing the nomination. I know most people are more upset over Fassbender not on the ballot. I haven’t seen Shame, and honestly, have little interest in seeing it. Although I would like to see it since there’s been a great deal made about it. This disappointment, however, is regarding JGL–and I am disheartened to see that he has yet to get past Golden Globe nods and break through that Oscar glass.
  • Speaking of JGL, how about Will Reiser’s script not passing for Best Original Screenplay? I’m a little hesitant to praise Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig for their Bridesmaids script, and I haven’t seen Margin Call, but I’m still wondering how 50/50 didn’t get nominated.
  • Harry Potter series walks away with zero acting nominations. As discussed with some on Anomalous Material, this isn’t entirely surprising. Actually, considering some of the biggest film series with huge casts, it’s almost not surprising at all. But for us Potter fans, it still hurts a little inside to see not even Alan Rickman get some much-deserved credit, much less a host of other fantastic supporting roles. Oh, and did I mention Daniel Radcliffe? I know I’m not in the majority thinking this, but I can’t help but admit that he did such incredible work, especially in the last film. Not even a Golden Globe nod? What do I say to all that? Boooo.
  • The snubbed Mr. Ryan Gosling. Between DriveIdes of March, and even Crazy Stupid Love, which strangely earned him a Golden Globe nod, Gosling walked away without a single nomination. So I think it’s sad that he didn’t pull through for Drive  or even Ides. With a year that boasted his name more than any other, it’s disappointing.
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close making the Best Picture cut. Are you serious? Here’s a better question: how does a movie with a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes get nominated for Best Picture?

What Confuses Me

  • Why is Viola Davis considered the lead actress in The Help? I have no problem with her being nominated. In fact, I support that. But here’s my beef: I watched The Help, and I was under the impression the entire movie that Emma Stone was the lead character. This is lost on me.
  • Why is Emma Stone completely forgotten from The Help? I realize she plays straight to the characters portrayed by Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain, etc. I even almost get that most would not consider her performance Oscar-worthy. But that leads me to three more questions–Why does she not get credit at any awards ceremonies this season for her work in the film? Why is her performance in Easy A considered Golden Globe worthy, but not her role in The Help? And finally, why does Melissa McCarthy get credit for her role in Bridesmaids at the freaking Oscars, but Emma Stone doesn’t get any credit for The Help . . . AT ALL?! Anyone?
  • Why is Berenice Bejo in the Actress in a Supporting Role category? Perhaps this one is more obvious. Jean Dujardin is clearly the lead. Understood. But wasn’t Bejo the lead actress in The Artist? It was the same way at the Golden Globes. I’m just really confused about this.
  • Why is everyone making such a big deal about Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I realize it was a very polarizing, intense role to portray. I get it. And I can even understand the Oscar nomination. What I don’t get? Why is there all this crazy fuss about her? What other work has she given to film that makes her stand apart from the rest? OK, so she’s just getting nominated for TGWTDT. Understood there. But isn’t that kind of a slap in the face to Noomi Rapace from the Swedish version? I mean only two years prior, she played the same role–and fantastically, I may add–and didn’t receive any of this accolade that is being poured on Mara. Why is that?
  • Why can’t the dogs from Beginners and The Artist get nominated? After all, the one from The Artist saved Dujardin’s life. And the one from Beginners? Doesn’t get much cuter than that. Academy, how about we add a new category, eh?

What Makes Me Happy

  • Perhaps the nomination that delightfully surprised me most was Nick Nolte in Warrior. The film itself hadn’t gotten much praise–good reviews, but not great ones. I realize everyone mentions issues with the film from cliche type story line, to boring cinematography, to “we’ve already seen this movie a zillion times in other sports films.” Got it. But I’m incredibly happy to see Mr. Nolte get some credit for his role. With great performances all around in Warrior, Nolte stood out to me, even considering Edgerton and Hardy. What a well-deserved nomination.
  • The Help and Midnight in Paris showing up on the Best Picture list. Although neither film will be a contender for that category, I’m happy to see both get nominated. The Help received a massive amount of criticism, and I wasn’t sure Midnight in Paris would make the cut, even with its growing popularity.
  • Cars 2 didn’t get an Animated Film nomination. Sorry, Pixar, but 2011 was not your year. Glad to see better animated films get nominated.
  • Gary Oldman nominated. I know this will make a lot of people’s lists of things that made them happy for this year’s Oscars. Although I wasn’t blown away by Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I will say that I’m happy to see Oldman receive so much-deserved credit.

19 thoughts on “Reaction to Oscar Nominations

  1. “I can’t even comprehend how there’s a comparison here. I really don’t care to vote between comedy or drama; in terms of role performance, in my humble opinion, Woodley–not McCarthy–should have been nominated.” Yes. Just yes. Yes, yes, yes.

    I’m an ardent Mara supporter – though I haven’t seen the Swedish original so I can’t make comparisons – but what stood out to me was the way she humanized a character at the center of what easily could have just been something exploitive and graphic without losing any of the edge.


    • Glad to see another fan of Shailene Woodley!

      I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I was a fan of her performance, and would consider it even awards worthy. I just think people make more of a deal out of her than what’s necessary.


  2. Yea not surprising that HP didn’t get anything but a handful of technicals. It was clear the movie was completely out of the action after BAFTA. Certainly disappointing not to see Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, and Michael Shannon but it was time for Gary Oldman and I can’t really complain about that actor from A Better Life getting a nod.


    • Yeah, not surprising, but definitely disappointing. Very good point about BAFTA. I didn’t keep up enough.

      I’ll have to check out A Better Life to form an opinion on it, but I’ll take your word on it that it was good, Castor 🙂


  3. I don’t get that bloody lead actress/supporting role thing either. No idea why Bejo isn’t in the lead role. With you on JGL and the screenplay of 50/50, would have been nice to see them get a nod but not with you on the Harry Potter thing. But then I’m not a fan and that clouds all my chances at a sensible, reasonable response. Great write up!


    • Thank you! Glad to not be the only one who finds it rather annoying on the whole who’s lead, who’s supporting.

      Yay! Glad to know there are several other people who share the same grievance with the 50/50 screenplay.

      Haha – perhaps if you started from the beginning of Harry Potter, you might enjoy them. Then again, they’re not for everbody. Thanks, Pete!


  4. I am so blah about the Oscars I barely pay any attention to them anymore. They’re just there for me. There are so many other underlying reasons and campaigns for people and films to get nominated. Personally, I think the actual quality of a film/actor only plays a tiny part in the nominations.


    • Jaina, that’s probably the best response to have toward the Oscars. I would definitely agree with the Academy having all these surrounding and underlying deals taking place. I feel like often someone has to be of a certain name or pedigree to get the nomination–not give a brilliant performance–to get nominated. Obviously, not in every case (i.e., Juan Dujardin = completely deserving), but some of these other people. I feel like they’re a little overrated. Thanks for your thoughts!


      • I didn’t realise until a few years ago that studios and companies put out ads to garner nominations and etc for these big awards. I had no clue. When I learnt that fact I looked at them in a different light. I just don’t get it!

        Also when I learnt that all you need to do to have a star on the walk of fame is buy one, I thought twice about the importance of a Hollywood star!


  5. Great piece! Now allow me to retort…

    Agreed on Shailene Woodley, but if I had to make a guess, she lost her spot to janet McTeer. McCarthy has had her ticket punched for quite some time.

    I’m not surprised in the least with DRIVE. Despite how much some people love it (not I), it’s not an Oscar type of movie. At the outset of awards season, I called DRIVE being left out in the cold.

    JGL – Truly deserving, but truly overmatched in a year rife with amazing performances. I too was a bit surprised with no screenplay love for 50/50, but am curious to see MARGIN CALL myself. I think it comes built with a timeliness that elbowed “50” out of the way.

    Harry Potter…dude, you had to see that coming. I’m a Potter fan too, my wife even more so, and the series on the whole has never been about awards.

    I wonder if Gosling hurt his chances with too many great performances this year. 2011 was good to him, and I’m betting it won’t take long before you see him back on the ballot.

    Extremely Loud confuses me too, but I’ll have more to say after I watch it (BTW, since you asked the book isn’t bad).

    The Davis/Bejo question comes down to how the studio/filmmakers/PR people want to push them. If they think a performer has a better shot in a different category, they’ll force the conversation…ditto if they don’t want two actors from the same film competing with one-another.

    The fuss for Mara isn’t so much in comparison to Rapace as it is for a performance all its own. Remember that not as many people are like us and seek out every foreign film (I met a lot of people who’d never seen the Swedish version)

    As for the dogs – sure, why not!

    (PS – Ever think about giving people a way to subscribe to the comment section?)


    • Really? I guess I never would have thought of it like that. Also, in my head, I guess I see McCarthy as the “less deserving” party, and Woodley as the “more deserving” party.

      I wish we could get the idea of “being an Oscar film” and “not being an Oscar film” out of the Academy voters’ heads. I mean, look at Bridesmaids? I never thought it would be considered Oscar-worthy, yet it’s sitting with two nominations. I’m sure you’re right about Drive.

      You’ll have to let me know what you think of Margin Call after you see it. I just noticed that it was at Sundance LAST year, so I think it’s kind of cool Margin Call is making it’s entrance through there. I DON’T think it’s cool that Will Reiser’s got bumped out.

      Yeah, I think almost all of us Potter hopefuls saw it coming, but like I said–we were all hopeful, blindly or not. Oftentimes, I find those movies that don’t care to be about the awards often award-worthy. A little ironic.

      I hope you’re right about Gosling. I’m truly not a Gosling fanatic in any stretch, but when someone gives multiple great performances in a year and doesn’t get the recognition, it bites, especially on viewers’ end because we’re the ones throwing the accolade at him while the Academy’s just sitting there going, “not this year” in that parental “we know best” tone. OK, so I riffed on that argument a little, but that’s how I see it in my opinionated, slightly biased mind 🙂

      I didn’t know that – thanks for the insight! I found it frustrating to see Bejo and Davis placed in the “wrong” categories, as I dubbed them. I wish they would have been switched. Pretty dumb, from my perspective – in that I think the rightful people should win in the category in which they BELONG. But what you said makes sense. Thanks for explaining it.

      Haha, I’ll be honest and tell you right ahead that I don’t seek out a lot of foreign film. I think what I find most annoying is that the Swedish version was made only two years prior to Fincher’s. Remaking something so quickly after it’s made (look at the Spiderman franchise) is something I personally find very irritating. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. I realize that Fincher’s version is America’s introduction to the series, but it still irks me that talent like Rapace quickly gets forgotten for an American actress playing the same role.

      Haha, some day, perhaps 🙂

      I’ll look into that – thanks for the suggestion!


  6. I was actually surprised to see Nick Nolte get nominated based on the fact that Warrior received so little attention. I thought he would get overlooked, but I was glad to see that I was wrong.


    • I felt the same way! It’s kinda cool to see the film slip in a nomination there, and of all people, for Nolte to get it! I’m glad to be wrong here too. Definitely the surprise that made me happiest in this year’s nominations. Thanks for the comment, Jaskee!


    • Yeah, it’s nice to see someone else address the idea. I will definitely agree that Davis’s performance is definitely Oscar-worthy, and in a sense, yes the heart of the film. I think I just get all defensive on the forgotten folk.

      Definitely! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve been able to give a little of your time to reading mine too.


  7. Alan Rickman not being nominated for best supporting actor was the final straw for me. The Oscars are really just a way for those in Hollywood to pats themselves on the back, which is okay if that’s what you want, but for me, I’d like to watch an awards ceremony that awards good quality acting and film, and the Oscars haven’t done this for years.


    • I was disappointed as well to see Rickman miss the nod. Then again, I didn’t find it all too surprising considering the Academy. I would definitely agree that the Oscars are slighted in multiple ways. Ahh, such is life.

      Thanks for visiting the site, S.G.!


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