The 5 Worst Movies I Saw in 2011

While unfortunately, I can’t include the latest Twilight, Nic Cage’s most recent debacle Trespass, or the Adam Sandler slip-up Jack and Jill because I didn’t bother seeing any one of those, there were five shining, terrible gems that worked hard to make this list.

5. Abduction/ The Hangover Pt. 2

Two movies tie for this spot because while both had their entertaining moments, both were pretty bad. Abduction had as many laughable moments as the second Hangover, while Taylor Lautner tried far too hard to be a young Jason Bourne. I will admit that some of the fight sequences were impressive on Lautner’s end, but between the over-dramatic dialogue and failed attempt to issue a sort of suspense that wasn’t quickly followed by a laugh, the script, Lautner, and the poorly used supporting cast made this movie all the more a mess and even painful to watch at times.

The Hangover Pt. 2 reigns as the biggest disappointment for a sequel for me.  Director Todd Philips took the formula that made the original a great hit and decided to repeat it action for action rather than employ any form of originality in this movie. For having such a hilarious leading cast under his belt, Philips really blew this great opportunity to make a hilarious sequel.

4) Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher was just a bad movie. It’s a great example of how to bring movie-goers in on opening weekend, and then allow bad word-of-mouth to drive any other potential viewers away. From the looks of the trailer, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, and Cameron Diaz were going to make us crack up throughout the movie. I can’t recall laughing one time the entire movie. Every one of Segel’s few scenes were shown in the trailer, leaving no possibility of surprise or laughs. Diaz played an entirely unlikable character that never felt like bringing you over to her side the entirety of the movie.

3) Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I'm as scared as Shia in this picture.

This was the movie I wasted the most money on in 2011. Michael Bay successfully made one of the worst movies of the year without batting an eye. Shia Labeouf must have been coming off his latest run-in with the police or argument with a random bar-hopper, because his bad attitude was the only visible emotion he displayed on screen throughout the long, laborious three hour-length movie–1 1/2 hours too long. Then, in steps Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the Victoria’s Secret model that has never acted before, and lets us know within five minutes that that‘s the case. I had to even laugh at Bay’s attempt at jabbing Megan Fox with a line from one of the characters that was something like, “I HATED your old girlfriend. She’s so *insert negative remark here*. Scene after scene of unexplained phenomena continued while I stepped out of the theater to get a break from the madness and go to the bathroom.

2) The Green Hornet

Luckily, the movie theater’s credit card machines were down and I was able to see this movie for free, because only my time was wasted in this case. Perhaps some of the failure of this movie is due to it not finding it’s direction under Marvel, which has made many successful action/superhero movies. Seth Rogen blows in this movie more than other flops he has turned in year after year. Christopher Waltz fills the role of the worst villain I have ever seen in a movie. I have no clue what Cameron Diaz was doing in this movie, because she didn’t fit at all, and the bromanship between Rogen and Jay Chou quickly plummeted as they both attempted to over-induce the audience with their version of being dramatic. James Franco made an odd, but interesting cameo in the beginning, and he is the luckiest of them all because he got killed off so early. I wish Rogen and Chou would have followed in his footsteps, or better yet, not made this horrible movie.

1) Beastly

Beastly holds the number spot for worst movie I saw in 2011, because I couldn’t think of any other movie that was as bad as this one. There are so many problems with this movie, I don’t even know where to begin. Writer-director Daniel Barnz wrote one of the worst screenplays to make it on the big screen. It has to be the poorest attempt at taking a story/movie gem like Beauty and the Beast and trying to make a spiff off it. While Vanessa Hudgens could be a believable Beauty, every last one of her lines were oozing with sap, refusing to let her portray a normal, actual person who talks like a normal, actual person. Alex Pettyfer plays the “beast” character, that instead of losing his six-pack, gains a new set of tattoos and goes bald. “Pretty gruesome,” his character refers to his new look, but Hudgens declares that she’s seen worse, and now we all know that somehow in this pile of sloppy, self-indulgent, pretentious script, Beauty will wind up with the Beast. Which leads me to question many of the movie’s plotholes: Why would her father allow a complete stranger to hole her up in a house? Why does Pettyfer think gifts such as a designer purse  or wearing a mask will “woo” a girl downstairs? Which leads me to the biggest question of sorts, why did I sit through this entire movie? Or even more so, how did I not vomit throughout the movie?

What were the worst movies you saw in 2011? Did you like any of the ones that I couldn’t stand, or would you put them on your worst list too?

14 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Movies I Saw in 2011

  1. I see we agree on the two movies I have seen from this list. The Hangover 2 was absolutely terrible. It has none of the charm of the first movie. Everything is so convoluted and predictable that it makes the movie terribly bland to watch.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon was terrible as well. I never thought it could be worse than the second one but it was. It’s almost physically painful to watch at times 😉


    • Castor, I’m glad to hear that you did not waste your time on the other 4 movies that I wasted my time on :).

      Completely agree with you on both fronts. Glad I’m not the only one who saw Dark of the Moon, haha.


  2. Totally agreed–Beastly made me want to kill myself.

    And Transformers sucked except for Patrick Dempsey (hottie). I don’t even know what the plot of the movie was, and Shia LeBouef played his horrible, just got a DUI, self. It’s also pretty bad when you want Megan Fox to come back.


  3. As much as the Transformers film didn’t meet my expectations, I’m always hard pressed to put it on my worst films list because of nostalgia. Ohh Transformers…!

    The Hangover Part 2 was disappointing. It was a rehash of the original, just with different variables! There were some good gags, but ultimately it was the same as the first, just inferior.

    I’m having trouble remembering the last good film Cameron Diaz was in.


    • Haha, well I will say that I really enjoyed the first movie in the set :).

      I definitely feel the same way about Hangover II. Such a disappointment when the first one was so funny.

      That’s funny–ya know, I don’t think I can remember either! Maybe, “Something about Mary”?


        • I think it really just depends on the person. I walked into that movie having NO idea what it was about, having never seen a single preview for it, and I was with one of my best friends. We were so in shock with everything going on, that we found it hilarious. But my sister on the other hand? Didn’t find it super funny.


    • Haha, yes, they are! Well, as for Bad Teacher and Hangover II – I had hopes that they would be funny, and was disappointed. I wasn’t surprised in the least by Transformers. I knew it would be bad going in! Beastly I rented, so I didn’t feel AS bad, and the Green Hornet I got to see for free, even though it sucked. I hoped it would be good, too, but it just wasn’t. And Abduction – I knew it would be bad going into it – but I didn’t have much of a choice seeing it given the circumstances. Thanks for reading 🙂


  4. Good List!! I watched only Bad Teacher and Transformers 3 in the above 5 and I share the same feeling about them as a matter of fact I would vote Transformers 3 as the worst movie of 2011( for biggies) as I don’t know or see Breaking Dawn.


    • Thanks! You should count yourself lucky for not having seen the others 🙂

      Yeah, Transformers was absolutely horrible. I never saw Breaking Dawn, but I’m sure it’d top this list if I had. Thanks for the comment!


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