Still Buzzed from the Complexity of Inception

It’s December. It’s the end of the year, and in terms of the film world, the best movies–and potentially the most Oscar-nominated-hopefuls–are rounding themselves out this month. And along with those movies, we also have Christmas-themed movies as well as big entertainment blocks for the holiday crowd that comes in during the month.

I was thinking about what my next post should be about, and I couldn’t get Inception out of my mind (pun not intended). I recently bought the Blu-ray copy of it (finally got a Blu-ray player!), and watched all the extras on the disc. I still haven’t gotten to seeing the movie this year yet (and it’s almost over!), but I plan to have at least one more viewing (in addition to my four theater visits last year) before year’s end.

Last year, when the movie first came out, I was blown away. I hadn’t seen a film like this in a really long time, and at the same time, I was moved by the emotional tone of it. That, with the complexity and the beautiful visuals and the creativity, I wondered if I had ever seen such an awesome film on screen. Since then, I have waited to be “blown away” by another film. I went to the last Harry Potter flick and attended screenings of all the big superhero films and the action movies of the summer. I didn’t really care if other films didn’t include the complexity that Inception contains–I was just waiting to experience that “blown away” (in a good way) feeling from watching a movie. Most people experience this feeling from time to time in different amounts–it’s common, although depending on the person, it doesn’t come around very often.

The closest I have come this year to feeling that “blown away” feeling was from seeing 50/50. It’s nothing like Inception in any way or context (oh wait, I guess it has JGL in it too), but it was one of those movies that was marketed to be a bro comedy, and when the credits started rolling, I sat there, stunned at how moved I was from it. The feeling that you get when you might have average expectations, and when you leave the theater, you realize you were completely wrong for not having the highest of expectations from a film because it was just that good when you saw it.

But even so, 50/50 doesn’t shine a light to that “blown away” feeling that I experienced after seeing Inception. Perhaps it is because there was no Nolan film to fill the year, and I’m especially attracted to his style of filmmaking. I still remember seeing The Prestige a few years back and thinking about what a great movie it was. And no one should be able to say that they weren’t at least partly impressed with both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. All three of those movies have been ranked on my top list for a while now. When I saw Memento, I wondered if there was a more complex film ever even created. CNolan has a sharp, dark, and tight filmmaking style that makes his movies dark, monumental, and beautiful simultaneously. I just hope people’s expectations don’t break through the roof before The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.

All of that to say–I look forward to breaking that Inception ice and being blown away by another film, even if I have somewhat high expectations going in to see a screening of it. But until then, I remained buzzed from the sheer greatness of Inception, and perhaps secretly wonder if another movie will ever make me feel like that again.

4 thoughts on “Still Buzzed from the Complexity of Inception

  1. Inception is the definition of mind-blowing (still need to see it again!) and Nolan is definitely one of the most interesting directors working in Hollywood. All his films have blown me away to some extent but I agree it’s far too rare that a film leaves your jaw on the floor for all the right reasons. 50/50 was definitely great, JGL is the man of the moment and 2012’s going to be huge for him! Can’t remember the last time I was truly blow away by a film… probably getting old and harder to please! Great post though!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Pete! I agree–JGL is the man of the moment, and I’m happy to see that. Loved him in 50/50 as well as Inception. Hey, you never know–maybe a great film will sneak up behind you and rise above your expectations and really blow you away. I hope it happens again at some point for me, but Inception raised the bar ridiculously high.


  3. Inception was a fantastic feat in terms of being a blockbuster and still having a relatively convoluted narrative style. However, I do still believe that many people are confusing complexity with depth. It’s a superb spectacle and entertaining to say the least but emotionally, it left a bit cold. I do look forward to rent the movie and seeing it a 3rd time.


  4. Castor, I’m not sure what you mean when you say “that many people are confusing complexity with depth.” In my opinion, yes, it was a deep movie, but it was also complex–the multiple dreams worlds, the different positions of those on the case and the need for all to be rounded together to form a dream team, the methods used to place an idea into someone’s head via dream–these are complex ideas, at least in my opinion. While there is definite emotional depth to the film, I also see a complexity to it that makes it interesting and requires multiple views in order to grasp the concepts and ideas fully. Thanks for commenting!


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