Happy Birthday, Rachel McAdams!

Today, Rachel McAdams is 33. In celebration of her birthday, below is a list of my top 5 favorite movies of hers:

5) Morning Glory

Morning Glory is one of her more recent films to come out. This is just a cute little film where she receives top billing, although Harrison Ford steals most of the scenes in it. This is the typical character McAdams has been cast as. Since this film, she’s gotten herself into the latest Sherlock Holmes films, although her casting is most questioned by critics and fans alike.

4) The Time Traveler’s Wife

Although I will probably never watch this movie again, I really did enjoy the film. Based off a novel (of course!), McAdams owns this role by fighting between being a woman in love with a man (played by Eric Bana) that can stay only a short time and trying to live her life.

3) Red Eye

Red Eye is a great Wes Craven film that stars McAdams against Cillian Murphy, who is better known for Nolan’s gems such as Batman Begins and Inception. This is a great creepy film, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing a scared-to-death young woman sitting next to a psychopath threatening to end her father’s life.

2) Midnight in Paris

This movie bring McAdam’s back to her glory days in Mean Girls. Although Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris is not anywhere closely related to Mean Girls, McAdams does play a stuck-up, wealthy girl opposite a down-to-earth writer played by Owen Wilson. The two teamed up again (since Wedding Crashers) and played a couple that saw life from very different places. Midnight in Paris is probably my favorite movie with Rachel McAdams in it to date.

1) State of Play

Based off a much more successful British miniseries, State of Play stars a rich cast including Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, and Ben Affleck. I would consider State of Play the most complex film McAdams has been in yet, despite her role being supporting and one-dimensional. Perhaps next month’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will supersede State of Play in complexity.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rachel McAdams!

  1. Love Rachel McAdams, she is a versatile and talented actress who I feel was a bit underrated until quite recently. Thankfully, she is now starting to get more interesting roles (that Terrence Malick movie, The Emperor’s Children). I think my favorite of hers are: Mean Girls, The Lucky Ones (where she probably gives her best performance to date), and Morning Glory


  2. I do agree that I think she is just now starting to break the ice and grab some REAL roles to showcase her talents. Yeah, I noticed she had been cast in two film recently. I haven’t seen The Lucky Ones yet! I think she’s hilarious in Mean Girls and I really enjoyed Morning Glory. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Haha, Jenn, NOPE! It’s a good movie, but it’s far too overplayed on cable TV and it’s almost too much for me. Nicholas Sparks is almost too sappy. I’m stunned I made it through Dear John in its entirety. Why does the dude have an obsession with separating lovers, killing off people, or making people live off unrequited love? Honestly, that guy has got to be the most depressed man alive. And The Notebook is just proof of that.


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